Pleasant Hill CA Guitar Lessons


First Guitar Lesson is FREE

Just finished giving free hour guitar lesson in Pleasant Hill CA. I’m one of the few musicians that drives to your home to teach beginners to advanced guitar, bass and banjo lessons.

I met mom while driving in Pleasant Hill. She spotted my guitar-advertising-wrapped car and honked to get my attention. We pulled into parking lot to talk about guitar lessons. She has a 12 year old son whom wants guitar lessons and she wanted to start him on acoustic nylon string Spanish guitar.

I suggested to loving mom that you need to get an electric guitar and amp package by Fender at Guitar Center which comes with a 30 day refund policy. Then she told me that she wants to learn acoustic guitar for singing and asked if could she take lessons at same time. I’m one  of the few teachers that will allow two family members to take lessons at the same time for same price and told her first lesson is free and then purchase one month’s lessons and then get an extra months lessons for free. She was so excited and went to Guitar Center in Concord and purchased both acoustic guitar kit and Fender Electric Kit package. And they are so excited and loved the introduction lesson.

Their hour free lesson turned into a two hour free lesson. I always give students extra time for no extra charge if they need it.

Guitar & Banjo Lessons
Pleasant Hill – Concord CA
(925) 695-7060

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